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    O.S.T. Buccaneers of Symeria


    Here you have our soundtrack. This is the soundtrack of Buccaneers of Symeria, consisting of six songs. Each song describes an experience that you could have playing Buccaneers of Symeria. Some of them belong to a specific faction. We hope you enjoy it.


    Also you can find theese songs in the game. They are not available for sale separately.


    Clip de audio: Es necesario tener Adobe Flash Player (versión 9 o superior) para reproducir este clip de audio. Descargue la versión más reciente aquí. También necesita tener activado Javascript en su navegador.


    1. Buccaneers Of Symeria

    2. War begins

    3. Fight for Freedom

    4. Drummers Resurgence

    5. Lost Woods (Nordic Melody)

    6. Path to Victory

    7. Symeria Sirens

    8. The Victory

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